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Penile PRP

Updated: Sep 21, 2021


  • Improved strength and intensity of orgasms

  • Increases sexual stamina

  • Increased libido and penis sensitivity

  • Provides a potential solution for erectile dysfunction

  • Increases blood and nerve circulation to the penis

At Vitality, our comprehensive approach to overall wellness includes options for your sexual health. Our world-class providers are experts in hormonal therapy and natural sexual enhancement. It’s simple, we believe everyone has the right to experience a healthy sex life. With 1 in 20 men having some form of erectile dysfunction, it’s simply too important to not provide excellent sexual health options.

The Penile PRP Procedure is a non-surgical option for natural sexual enhancement that has been used and clinically proven for nearly a decade. To date, thousands of patients worldwide have enjoyed enhanced sexual benefits from PRP injections.

This highly effective procedure utilizes platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) extracted from a small sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the penis. PRP is a nutrient-rich growth factor found in your blood. By utilizing your own healing agents, we can provide a safe and natural approach to optimize your sexual wellness.

The Procedure

The procedure itself is quick. Immediately after treatment, many men notice an increase in length and

girth of the penis, and those benefits tend to improve over time as the body’s unique growth factors work their magic. Results typically last

up to 18 months, after which many men opt for repeat treatments to maintain the results.

Testosterone Therapy

Additionally, as a whole-body approach, many of our patients see well-rounded outcomes when combining PRP injection treatments with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Testosterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy sex drive, as well as energy levels, strength, and muscle mass. If you're wanting to feel the way you did in your 20's, PRP and Testosterone Therapy can help you get there!

Find out if Penile PRP is right for you by scheduling a consultation today.

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