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For three weeks, we'll take you through new strategies for improving your health and starting the new year feeling refreshed and invigorated! If you’re left feeling sluggish and worn down after the holiday rush, this is the perfect chance for you to recenter your focus around your health and wellbeing.


No, this isn't a fad diet, or a quick "detox". In fact, while you may lose weight, it's not even our main focus. It's an opportunity to meet yourself where you are and realign your habits for a healthier year. 


While January is a time where many people get serious about their health, this 21 Day Reset can be embarked upon whenever you're feeling as if you've lost your way. Revisit the healthy habits whenever you wish to keep yourself working towards better and better health. 

21 Day Restart (6).png

21 day reset

The goal of the Vitality 21 Day Reset is to curb cravings, realign eating habits with what we know is best for nourishing our bodies, and soften the unseen burden of stress. 

This isn't a crash diet weight loss plan, or a quick fix "detox". It's 3 weeks of intentionally preparing ourselves for a year of wellness. We know you'll discover the benefits of sleeping better, eating better, and focusing on stress-reducing habits. 

With access to weekly check-ins with Ellie Molnar, BSNS, you won't be alone on your journey. She'll be there with you to celebrate your wins, reassess your losses and create a plan for the future! 

  • Goal of 7-10 cups veggies/day

  • Goal of 100 oz water/day

  • No Gluten

  • No Dairy

  • No Added Sugar

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Weekly educational modules: including stress reduction, breathwork, and improved sleep.

  • 2 Fit3D Body Scans**

  • Unlimited Infrared Sauna use**

  • Support from nutrition staff, Ellie Molnar, BSNS

**Available only in the All-Access Program - purchased in the Mansfield office.



Vitality has redefined healthcare with you in mind.


Enhance your natural beauty.

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