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WEight loss

innovative therapies personalized to you


InVigorate Weight-loss

InVigorate is a part of our trademarked LiVing Series, a series of treatments set apart by emerging science and the body's unique ability to heal itself.

InVigorate is not a one-size fits all program. InVigorate was designed for results. This dynamic program is for patients who feel like they have tried everything in the past and still haven't lost weight. InVigorate combines the best in the latest research with physician-assisted options to get you results fast! See the results you've always wanted!

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Personal Coaching
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Personalized Nutritional Coaching

Accountability and support are a vital part of your weight loss. 

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Lifestyle Support
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Lifestyle Behavior Support and Education

You aren't in this alone. Our team is here to walk with you.

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Medically Assisted
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Medically Backed Programs

Weight loss journeys can be trying enough without having to wade through an endless sea of options before even starting.  Talk to our medical staff about the right program for you.

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I'm ready to get started!

Schedule a call to discover if InVigorate Weight Loss is right for you.

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