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Insider Access to your Vitality medical team.
Get quick responses to your wellness questions.

You'll also receive the complete Vitality Lifeline Panel,
 1 office visit, and guaranteed response time for messages, refill requests, and appointment times.

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Seek Guidance

Vitality Insiders can message their provider at any time and expect quick responses. Access to your trusted provider opens up a world of possibilities in your wellness journey.

Schedule an Appointment

Guaranteed telemedicine appointments within 2 business days of your request. 

Grow in Wellness

Insider access puts your wellness journey at full speed. Learn, grow, and discover your ideal health with Vitality.

Connected. Responsive. Compassionate.

Test Don't Guess

You'll receive a Vitality Medical Visit, a complete Vitality Lifeline Panel of bloodwork, and guaranteed medical visits within 2 business days of request.

Monthly Perks

Enjoy free monthly Slim Boost vitamin injections and access to our infrared sauna.

Quick Response


Guaranteed 1 business day response time for messages, refill requests, and provider questions.

Unlimited Savings

Save 10% on Supplements, Peptides, and Vitamin Injections.

Enjoy expedited shipping at no extra charge for peptide orders.

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Vitality has redefined healthcare with you in mind.


Enhance your natural beauty.

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