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"I want a plan with support"



Discover your personalized pathway to complete wellness.

Feel better now.

LiVing Vitality Experience

LiVing Vitality Experience

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Patient Experiences

"Dr. McRae has surpassed any medical care I have received in my adult life. She truly hears her patients and it shows during the healing process. I am becoming whole again because of her."

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living vitality program

Wellness Program Benefits

  • 16 weeks of functional medicine expertise poured into you for outcomes you can count on.

  • Specialty lab testing that is not available in the traditional setting.

  • Lifechanging information that you will have the rest of your life.

  • Personal access to your care team.

  • Individualized care focused on your results.

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16 Weeks of Curated Content

  • Educational Videos

  • Wellness Forms to complete

  • Challenges

  • Documents

  • Guides and more

You need to get better. Something is not right. 
You can feel better.  You want to feel great!

Four things are necessary for meeting your health goals predictably and successfully-

Support... Accountability... Education... Excellent Medical Guidance

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I'm ready to feel better!

Schedule a call to learn more about the LiVing Vitality 16 Week Program.


Gut health affects more than just your stomach. 

When you've tried everything and the symptoms aren't improving, you need a different answer. We can help.



Personalized Support

You are the only you. You come with a specific makeup and individualized needs. The care you receive shouldn't look like the care others receive. That's why the Living Vitality Program was designed - to educate you and put you in the driver's seat of your wellness.
We'll lay the building blocks of education in your weekly in-app training modules and use our time together to hone in on your personalized plan.

From specialty testing to innovative therapies, your path will be crafted with your goals in mind. Whether you are weight loss resistant or suffering from something such as brain fog, the program will be tailored 100% to you!

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Sustained Results

With our Medical Symptom Tracking System, you will see measurable results. 

At Vitality we aren't interested in a quick fix, we know you'll discover longterm and lasting results. 

If you give the body what it needs, we know it will respond. Let's discover optimal wellness together.

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Optimal Wellness

Lifelong wellness is our goal. While you'll spend 16 weeks digging deep and learning, your wellness won't stop there. 

You'll have lifelong access to Weekly Q&A Calls with providers and access to our private Facebook Group where you can connect and share with other program members. 

Even after 16 weeks, your wellness will continue to improve and you'll enjoy the results of your work and commitment for a lifetime.

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Let us show you how incredible you can feel.

Schedule a 15-minute call to discover if the LiVing Vitality Program is the right fit for you!

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