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Dr. McRae's Top 6 Ways to Support Your Immune System

Discover a complete you.

Take a moment to imagine the best version of yourself—healthy, confident, energetic, and well-rested. Our Vital Recovery Package makes this truly possible, and we have a team of medical experts to support you every step of the way.


Whether you’re recovering from illness (or just recovering from 2020 in general), this elite recovery package has been proven to restore immune function and address neurological functions, such as loss of taste or smell or "brain fog." Let’s help your body function better, so you can finally feel better.

It’s time for you to thrive.


Vital Recovery

With a strategic mix of IV therapy, peptides, injections, pharmaceutical grade supplements, and our custom homeopathic remedy—we can replenish nutrient levels quickly and efficiently for maximum immune function, recovery, and performance. Pair these with 2 office visits and unlimited Infrared Sauna sessions, and you have a path to recovery that is carefully selected based on current research and mapped out for optimum effectiveness.

  • 2 Office Visits

  • 1 Specialty Lab

  • 5 IV Therapy Visits

  • 2 Peptides (one for boosting and stabilizing the immune system and the other for targeting the neurologic system for improving smell, taste, and cognition)

  • 4 Vitamin D Injections

  • 7 Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements

  • A Custom Homeopathic Remedy

  • Unlimited Infrared Sauna Sessions


Is Vital Recovery For You?

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Vital Recovery


Vitality has redefined healthcare with you in mind.


Enhance your natural beauty.

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