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Testosterone in Men and Women

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Testosterone in Women

While most people think of testosterone as a strictly male hormone; it actually plays an irreplaceable role in the female body. Women, like men, need testosterone - but much less of it.

Compared to what a male body needs, a woman’s levels will look like a drop in the ocean. Even though you may need much less than your male counterpart, you’ll be amazed at the benefits of optimal testosterone levels.

So what does testosterone do for a female? Remember how you felt when you were in your 20’s or 30’s? Testosterone was largely responsible for your strong sex drive and ability to burn fat and build lean muscle. It even helps keep your mind sharp and energy levels high.

Testosterone is one of the first hormones we see a decline when women enter perimenopause. Your ovaries are responsible for the most production of testosterone. After menopause, your adrenal glands work to produce a small amount of testosterone. Stress, sleep deprivation, and exposure to chemicals in your environment drop your testosterone levels and it is very hard to restore them once they drop.

Testosterone fuels your sex drive. When your libido begins to diminish, we likely find testosterone levels to be the culprit.

Testosterone supports the ability to build muscle and maintain bone health. As Dr. McRae frequently says, “Muscle is your metabolic currency.” If you are injured or ill, your body relies on your muscle for energy support and metabolic function. Your muscle also has a great ability to even produce hormones that are imperative for your health.

At Vitality, we specialize in personalized medicine. That means the dosage of testosterone that optimizes your levels, is not the same as your friend’s. In fact, when hormones aren’t optimized, we not only miss out on the good, we can see negative side effects like oily skin and acne. At Vitality, we don’t guess; we test. The Vitality Baseline Panel gives us insight into your many body systems that work in unison. Combining the results from your lab work with your personal health history and symptoms, we are able to determine the exact dose that is right for you.

Proper dosing ensures maximized results. The more your body is able to function at optimal levels, the more optimal your life can be!

Testosterone in Men

It’s no surprise that testosterone is a vital hormone for men. It’s responsible for so many things that make men who they are. The male body truly runs on testosterone. If a man’s testosterone tank dips, the results are apparent. Men who have less than optimal testosterone may notice fatigue, low sex drive, muscle loss, lack of ambition and drive, and weight gain.

In recent years, medicine has noticed testosterone levels in men declining at an accelerated rate. Studies have linked this change to pollutants and petrochemicals in the environment. While unheard of just 15 years ago, we now routinely see men with diminished testosterone levels in their 20s and 30s.

Testosterone is not the only hormone a man needs. At Vitality, we balance all your hormone levels, even Vitamin D, which despite its name - is a hormone. We know you’ll notice a difference when all your hormones are working in harmony.

Optimal Over Normal Have you ever been told your numbers are “normal”? Well, normal means different things to different people. It’s important to remember that “normal” does not equal optimal, or even good. For example, a woman in her 50’s may have a diminished level of testosterone. Her levels may even fall into the “normal lab tested range”. Her physician may tell her that everything is fine and normal, but she knows she’s experiencing signs of less than optimal hormones. She’s not interested in normal, she’s ready for optimal. At Vitality, we don’t think it should be “normal” to suffer with the symptoms of low testosterone. We believe it’s your right to have energy, mental clarity, restful sleep, and a healthy libido. That’s why we believe in optimal. Personalized care means we know your optimal will not be the same as someone else’s optimal. We’re dedicated to working with you to discover it and help you enjoy the benefits of optimal living.

Wellness is a verb.

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