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Why Is Vitamin D Important?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Do you have a vitamin D deficiency? Over 40 percent of Americans struggle with vitamin D deficiency. That is a large percentage of the population. Why your body isn’t absorbing the vitamin can be due to genetics or many other factors. At Vitality Natural Wellness, we can help you get to the bottom of low vitamin D. The struggle can cause you several different problems; get the help you need to get it under control.

What Happens When Your Vitamin D Is Low?

Vitamin D helps your body to grow, and it is an essential part of your body. Your bones are stronger with it, your teeth are in better condition, and your immune system performs better. You can get vitamin D naturally through foods that you eat and getting in some sunshine.

A low level of vitamin D can result in easily broken bones. Children with low levels can develop a disease-causing their bones to be extremely brittle. The body needs vitamin D to keep you healthy and protect your body.

How Long Does It Take To Correct A Vitamin D Deficiency?

When you are trying to increase your vitamin D levels, it moves very slowly. Your age plays a significant role in the amount of time that it takes to raise your levels. Younger adults are going to have an easier time bringing this number up than older people will.

It can take a healthy thirty-year-old adult a year to raise the numbers. It is also going to depend on how much you need to raise it. The lower it is, the longer it will take to come up to a healthy range.

Does Vitamin D Give You Energy?

Low vitamin D levels can make you feel like your energy levels are running on fumes. Vitamin D is not considered something that gives you energy, but it does help to improve it. When your levels are good and where they are supposed to be, it makes you feel more like yourself.

One of the reasons that vitamin D levels are important is to protect your immune system. This vitamin in the body can help keep your immune system healthy and functioning correctly. Conversely, it can significantly affect your mood in a negative way when your levels are low.

Does Low Vitamin D Make You Tired?

There are many different symptoms that someone can experience from having low vitamin D levels. Yes, many people do experience tiredness, among other symptoms in this category. In addition, some people complain of muscle soreness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more.

What Is A Normal Vitamin D Level?

The range that a doctor’s office wants to see your vitamin D levels at is above 30 ng/mL and below 50ng/mL. Every doctor will have a range that they are comfortable seeing, and some are even okay when it is in the ’20s. This is because everyone’s body reacts differently and runs at different levels.

It is essential to talk with your doctor and get their recommendations. They will tell you if you show signs and symptoms of low vitamin D levels to take a gummy or tablet every day to help in this situation. It will depend on how bad your deficiency is; some doctors will prescribe a dose for you.

Contact Vitality Natural Wellness Now

If you are struggling with low vitamin D, call Vitality Natural Wellness. One of our trained professionals would be happy to talk with you about how we can help you. It is essential to take good care of your body and give it the nutrients it needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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