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The Beginning of Vitality

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

“Creating a personal relationship and connection is our priority at Vitality--we've developed an innovative model for health care that has truly changed patients’ lives.”

At Vitality, we practice physical, emotional, and relationship-based medicine. We believe in approaching wellness from a whole-body perspective and developing personal connections with our patients. I love what we do; I feel like I’ve helped more people in four years at Vitality than I did in ten years in the traditional health industry!

At my previous practice, I was continually challenged, by a variety of factors, to care for patients in the way that I felt they needed. As the role of insurance companies became more significant, my time with patients became increasingly limited. Reimbursements were based on volume and productivity—the more patients I saw and the more medications I prescribed, the more pleased the insurance companies were with my “performance.” But I quickly began to see that this was NOT what was best for my patients. I felt intuitively that if I had time to listen to their stories, then I could build genuine relationships with them and provide better care.

So I began asking myself, “How do I want this practice to look in the next five years or the next ten?” I was faced with a dilemma: do I maintain the status quo of a traditional medical practice, or do I step into uncharted territory to create a medical practice that puts patient care at the forefront? Obviously, I chose the latter!

I closed the practice in Mt. Gilead and decided to start Vitality Natural Wellness & Medspa. With three young children and no existing model to follow, I knew I was taking a pretty big risk. But I've always been an optimistic person—I honestly always believed this would work. We opened in Mansfield with just one employee and me, and we grew it from the ground up.

Many people don’t realize that we’re so much more than a medspa—people who come in for cosmetic treatments are often surprised that we can help them feel good internally, too! Our ability to take care of people from the inside out and the outside in is what makes us special. People deserve to look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look.

I really believe we’ve created an innovative model for healthcare at Vitality. I’m so happy that I get to help patients feel good about their health and about themselves.

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