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Radical Night Repair as an At-Home Peel Option

Radical Night Repair is a 1% retinol formula that firms and smoothes skin while improving uneven pigmentation. This retinol powerhouse is perfect for aging skin that has seen sun damage, resulting in dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. On conditioned skin, RNR can even be used as an occasional at-home resurfacing peel!

When combined with a daily skincare regimen, Radical Night Repair will soften, smooth, and brighten your skin like never before!

At-Home Peel Regimen

Products you need: ZO Cleanser specific to your skin condition, Daily Power Defense, Radical Night Repair, Hydrating Creme

  1. Cleanse the skin using your prescribed ZO cleanser in the morning, and again at night.

  2. Apply 2-4 pumps of Daily Power Defense.

  3. Apply Radical Night Repair (in the appropriate amount).

Mild Peel: 5 pumps morning and night

Medium Peel: 8 pumps morning and night

Deep Peel: 10 pumps morning and night

4. Apply Sunscreen in the morning.

5. Use Hydrating cream to spot treat discomfort from the anticipated reaction.

6. Simply repeat every day for 3 days.

It is very likely you will experience an anticipated reaction of peeling with even the mild peel. If your skin is sensitive, talk to a professional prior to starting. If your skin is not used to retinol products, we highly recommend starting with the mild peel first.

This at-home peel can be done once a month or can be the start of using Radical Night Repair in your daily routine. If you choose to begin incorporating RNR in your daily routine, make sure your skin has fully recovered from you at home peel first.

To order ZO's Radical Night Repair or any other ZO products needed for the at-home peel, follow this link. If you're local, stop in or send us a text for contact-less pick-up.

Mansfield: 419-989-4342

Powell: 614-717-1767

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