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LiVing Vitality Supports Your Energy!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Imagine, you’re about to slip into a sweet, sweet sleep. The covers are velvety, a day’s weariness sets in, the pitch-black embrace of the room guides you towards your dreams. Just as you reach the edge of sleep, the dog’s barks emanating from the kitchen yanks you to. Upon investigation you find an equally guilty and hungry spouse snacking. “Yes, dear, that was my lunch and no, I’m wide awake now!” Or perhaps it’s what keeps you up. Maybe a feeling of excitement for tomorrow’s meeting or stress from worrying about… tomorrow's meeting. The next day feels like a drag, and you don’t feel as productive or even feel like yourself.

Everybody knows what it’s like to occasionally miss a good night’s rest. Fatigue is common and can be natural. But wha