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Hydroquinone - Why now?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As we enjoy these last weeks of sun and heat, it’s a great time to be thinking about how to adjust your skincare regimen for fall and winter skin - specifically, how to treat skin that may have seen a little too much sun this summer!

Enter ZO’s Pigment Control Program + Hydroquinone. This revolutionary program combines ZO’s scientifically proven skin-brightening products with the power of 4% hydroquinone (HQ), an agent for lightening dark patches on sun-damaged skin. This system, which can be used for 4-6 months at a time, works to lighten skin while simultaneously improving rough, leathery texture and reversing signs of aging.

Now is the perfect time to start an HQ regimen. As the days shorten, your skin will be seeing less sun, which means it’s ready to respond in the best way to the HQ system’s lightening formula without risking adverse effects due to continued sun exposure.

With the guidance of one of our skincare experts, we can work to eliminate your dark spots, even discoloration, and smooth texture in just a few short months! Most patients begin seeing results within one month or less, and after 4-5 months we can transition you to a sustainable maintenance regimen.


  • Best for fall/winter/spring, when we can limit sun exposure to decrease sensitivity

  • Powerful enough to treat moderate to severe melasma/hyperpigmentation

  • Safe for most skin types - we pair you with a skin care specialist to check in with you throughout the use of the regimen to tailor the application to your specific needs

  • Must be paired with a retinol, and we just happen to have ZO’s Retinol Skin Brightener which will work even harder to even skin tone!

Wellness is a verb.

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