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Growth and Empowerment

"The staff at Vitality makes you feel valued and cared for. The more positivity you are surrounded by in your life, the more empowered you feel."

Allison Pence

I was an art teacher for twelve years, but last year I decided to take a leap to pursue my dreams. I’d been feeling like my soul wasn’t happy for a while, and I felt called to create. So I quit teaching and turned my passion into a full-time job. People had told me I should pursue art full-time before, but I just thought the idea was crazy. I think Vitality played a big role in helping me overcome my fears and take the leap.

I first learned about Vitality during one of the “Secret Mansfield” tours. Vitality was just preparing to open their office, and we were able to get a sneak-peek tour. The space was so beautiful and relaxing, I immediately wanted to learn more about what they offered. The aesthetic of the office drew me in, but it’s the people that got me to stay. After my first visit, I knew I’d be back. I instantly felt connected to Dr. McRae; she was so kind and seemed genuinely interested in how she could help me. I’ve felt very welcomed by everyone at Vitality. I’ve learned a lot from the women in the office about opening up and being proud of who I am. The staff at Vitality makes you feel valued and cared for. The more positivity you are surrounded by in your life, the more empowered you feel.

The positivity spread to my outlook on life and it’s helped me get through many difficult decisions in the last year. Every time I’ve pushed through the fear and anxiety, I’ve come out in a better place. I’m very grateful for that.

Vitality has also helped me get the courage to put myself out there—at public events, art shows, and more. Now that I’m not in the classroom, I’m networking and meeting so many more people, so it’s important for me to feel confident in those situations. Feeling good about how you look on the outside really impacts how you feel on the inside. I love Vitality’s skin care services. I feel so much more confident being in front of people knowing my skin is in great condition. Aesthetic services are about more than just treating yourself to something nice, they’re about self-care and learning to see your own worth.

I feel like there’s so much forward momentum in my life right now. I’m creating art and trying new things everyday. I recently opened a mobile art gallery in a renovated van, called Art Van Go! I’ll be taking it lots of places downtown. I’m also working with Mansfield Murals; I helped paint the cosmic crosswalk on Fourth Street. I love how art sparks conversations and gets the community excited. Even though I’m not in the classroom, I still teach. I recently hosted a kid’s art camp, and I regularly host “Sip and Paint Parties.” Throughout these endeavors, I try to empower the people around me and spread positivity. For example, I have a lot of first time painters, and they’re always saying things like, “I can’t even draw a stick figure!” Once we’re finished, most of them are amazed at what they created. You just need someone to believe in you!

As my life has taken me in new directions, Vitality has been there to support me. I had my first solo art show a little over a year ago. I made a post on Facebook hoping to find a few sponsors, and Dr. McRae spoke up right away. Dr. McRae, and Vitality, take their goal of supporting women and supporting other businesses seriously—what they do goes beyond the office. I wish everybody worked this way, only good things can come from lifting each other up.

I would definitely encourage people to check Vitality out. The staff is more than friendly and willing to answer your questions. They go above and beyond to help you find what services are best for you. It’s worth it.

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