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Do you have immunity to COVID-19?

Spike Protein Testing

Do you have immunity to COVID-19? How durable is your immunity? Do you need a booster? How much of a natural immunity did you gain from contracting the virus?

Most vaccine studies show that the efficacy of the first vaccine wanes at about 3 months after the first injection or between 6 and 9 months after a second dose of the vaccine. Meanwhile, individuals who had a more severe disease response seem to have the highest neutralizing antibody response.

The best way to study the intensity and durability of whether or not you have immunity is to perform back-to-back testing of the spike protein antibody. This test is different from the original antibody test. The original antibody test was based on testing for an antibody that was only found if the patient was vaccinated but did not test immunity based on the previous infection. With the spike protein testing, we do an initial baseline test - this serves as a benchmark. Ideally, this would be done 2 weeks after COVID-19 diagnosis or symptoms start. If you are vaccinated ideally you would do a spike protein benchmark test 2 weeks after your second dose or booster vaccination.

To track your immunity, you would ideally retest your spike protein levels every three months. This will determine if you have been able to maintain a strong immune response or if your immunity is beginning to diminish.

The Spike Protein test is specific to COVID-19 and tests for IGG and IGM markers. By following your individual immunity, your provider can create a treatment plan or strategy specific to you.

What is the difference between the original IGG test and this updated Spike Protein test?

The IGG COVID-19 antibody test was the original test. It identified antibodies created by you in response to contracting COVID-19. It did not test for antibodies made in response to the vaccine.

Spike Protein testing differs from the original test because it tests for antibodies made in response to the vaccine and antibodies made in response to contracting COVID-19. This gives us a fuller picture of your immune response and durability in protecting against COVID-19.

At Vitality, this test is available to patients for $99 and can be scheduled at your convenience.

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