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A Philosophy on Aging Well

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Frequently people ask what we do at Vitality. With a practice full of highly educated providers, there are many ways to answer this question.

It’s a good problem to have – you see; with two locations, a Doctor, and three incredible Nurse Practitioners who are all experts in their field – the answers are close to endless. When you narrow it down, we at Vitality have two main areas of focus.

1. We believe in optimal over normal.

There are many “normal” things in life but just because they’re normal doesn’t mean they’re good. Did you know it’s normal for an American to consume between 150 and 170 lbs of sugar every year? We can all agree that normal doesn’t mean something is even close to optimal, let alone healthy!

We frequently have patients come to us because their blood work keeps showing “normal” when they feel in their gut that something is wrong. Our providers are experts in the field of thyroid health and are passionate about treating each patient as an individual. They take the time to find the root of the problem and work with you to come up with a plan to get you on the road to living optimally.

"I visited two other doctors before coming to Vitality Natural Wellness. They couldn't explain why my lab work was fine, but I felt so bad. Dr. McRae and her staff cared about me and my symptoms and went to great lengths to treat what was wrong. I now follow the Autoimmune Protocol, take supplements and do pellet therapy. Best of all, I'm feeling great!"

2. We believe in aging right.

There are too many things in life that are shrugged off as “how it goes.” Oh, you aren’t sleeping well anymore, “well, that’s how it goes as you age.” Your energy levels are zapped and you find yourself crawling towards bed earlier and earlier each day? “That’s how it goes!” You wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat? “Did you think menopause was going to be a walk in the park? That’s how it goes!” You’ve packed on pounds around your middle and can’t seem to shake the weight? “That’s aging for you. Nothing you can do about it” Your partner’s libido has all but disappeared? “He’s getting older, that’s how it goes!”

At Vitality, we help men and women discover that the process of aging doesn’t have to be difficult, full of exhaustion, mood swings and let downs. It can be a time of restored energy, laser-sharp mental clarity, and excitement! Through the use of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Thyroid Optimization and Emerging Peptides, we are passionate about helping you rediscover your vitality and zest for life!

What are BHRT Pellets?

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets are derived naturally from plants and are structurally the same as the hormones our bodies produce. These natural hormones are delivered to you, the patient, in the form of pellets. Pellets are placed under the skin in a quick outpatient procedure at our office and begin releasing a steady flow of hormones right away. Pellets last anywhere between 3-5 months in women and 5-6 months in men.

Studies have shown, improvements in menopause, depression, anxiety, low sex drive, osteoporosis, heart disease, PMS and many other conditions.

What are my Sexual Wellness options?

You deserve to experience the sexual health you desire. At Vitality, we don't just spot-treat sexual wellness, we specialize in it. While hormones and overall wellness are our preferred first steps, we do have great options to support your wellness needs. The O-Shot and FemiWave Treatments are two popular options.

The O-Shot uses natural growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina, increase sex drive and arousal from clitoral stimulation, deepen orgasms, decrease pain during penetrative sex, and reduce urinary incontinence in women. The procedure is very simple and can be performed in a matter of minutes. Many women notice benefits almost immediately, but it usually takes 3-4 weeks to feel the full effects.

FemiWave is a procedure that uses pulse waves to repair blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the vagina. Women can expect to experience increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as strengthening, tightening and improved physical appearance. Overall, FemiWave helps enhance sexual fulfillment and function. The procedure is non-invasive, comfortable, and performed on the outer and inner labia right in the provider’s office. There is no downtime, drugs, or laser and the results are long-lasting. FemiWave uses shockwave therapy which has been around for years and is based on numerous clinical studies proven to increase blood flow and restore healthy tissue.

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