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Dr. Melissa McRae and our team of experts at Vitality Natural Wellness and MedSpa are here to help you with all your hormone needs. Life often throws you curveballs that take you off balance. Let our team of skilled professionals treat you with care as they introduce a whole-body customized approach to healthcare and wellness.

Thyroid Balance


Located in the front of your neck is a butterfly-shaped gland in the middle of your neck known as the thyroid gland. It’s just below your Adam's apple and is part of your endocrine system that regulates hormone production. It works in harmony with other glands throughout the body.

Hormone Therapy Delaware, OH

Symptoms of Thyroid Imbalance

Over time your thyroid may start to decrease in functioning. Some people are also genetically predisposed to experience thyroid issues. Thyroid diseases such as Grave’s Disease and Hyper and Hypothyroidism generally run in families. Some experts even believe your environment plays a significant role in how well your thyroid functions. If you are finding yourself experiencing thyroid dysfunction you may have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety 

  • Cholesterol Issues 

  • Swelling of Thyroid Gland

  • Nodules or Bumps on Throat

  • Problems with Metabolism

  • Body Temperature Fluctuations 

  • Hair Loss

  • Low Energy Levels

  • Mood Swings

  • Fertility Issues

  • Excessive Fatigue

  • Unexpected Weight Changes

  • Muscle Aches

  • Depression

  • Irregular Heartbeat or Palpitations

  • Difficulty Sleeping

  • Men Report Losing Muscle Mass

  • Irritability

  • Bulging Eyes

Thyroid Doctor in Mansfield, OH

Vitality Natural Wellness and MedSpa welcome residents of Mansfield, Ohio, and surrounding cities. We have several locations throughout Ohio and are here to meet many of your wellness needs. Mansfield is named after the surveyor-general of the United States, Jared Mansfield. The city has come a long way since its humble beginnings of just twenty houses and one store since being established in 1817. Now Mansfield has a population of nearly 48,000 people.

Contact Us Today​

If you think hormone optimization may be right for you please give our team a call today. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have about our treatment options and schedule a consultation with you. We are here to help you achieve thyroid balance and overall wellness

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