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See what our patients are saying.

Tamara Frye

Dr. Melissa McRae was highly recommended to me for my long-standing and life altering irritable bowel syndrome & anxiety. I am incredibly impressed with Dr. McRae’s commitment to positively changing her patient’s lives. The depth & breadth of her knowledge is unparalleled to any physician I have seen in 25 years. If you want a better quality of life with a healthy mind, body, and spirit, do what is best for you.... schedule an appointment with Dr. McRae and her extremely caring staff.

Les Farley

Appointments are always on time, staff is friendly and attentive, procedures are as painless as imaginable. I’m healthier at nearly retirement age than ever before in my life thanks to Dr McRae and her staff.

Erin Finnegan

This place is the best !! I feel that they all take time to answer any questions or concerns I have . Would highly recommend to anyone.

Sarah Rizzo

The whole staff at Vitality are caring and concerned about their patients. As soon as you walk in the door you know you are in good hands.

Denise Delong

Dr. Melissa McRae is a wonderful doctor. She is so thorough and caring. I love how she is helping me actually heal myself.

Katie Freels

Everyone is very kind there, and so knowledgeable. Today was only my second time there, but I will definitely continue coming to vitality. Great atmosphere!

Angela Keck

Had an appointment with Tracie Bakewell. I cannot say enough great things about her and the staff. She took her time and I never once felt rushed. The staff was very friendly. I am into natural wellness and Tracie was on the same path that I was looking for.

Heather Henkel

Office staff and providers are very welcoming. Lovely office and overall wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

Dawn Onderak

For the most part my review is very very good. There are no other doctors that I know of that would take into account my labs and hormones and everything into account the way they do. For the past two years we have been foster parents and getting our medical records signed for our foster parent certification and recertification has been frustrating and expensive. I love this practice but wish I could also find a regular medical practice that would pay more attention to the parts that this practice doesn’t specialize in.

J lynn

What an amazing group of women! As soon as you walk in you are treated with such care and kindness. Every experience is a great one! If you haven’t been here yet, stop what you’re doing, and go now!!

Susan Bateman

Dr McRae not only offers her knowledge, skill and resources, but offers unhurried time and compassion in her assessment of your health. Could not ask for more!

Pam Kramer

This has been the MOST positive experience i've ever had!!! You walk in having had numerous testing, scans and consults with no help .. Then you arrive here, desperate for answers and after a lengthy & indepth consult & history review. . You walk out with instructions and a plan of action to help you achieve wellness.. it is truly amazing.. dr. Mccrea and her staff give you time (sorely lacking in our modern medical care system) .. and better yet..they LISTEN... !!! I was God led to this practice and am more than grateful for their care.

Hillary Swooger

Super chic medical facility. Excellent patient care. I highly appreciated the one-on-one experience and I didn’t feel rushed during my time spent with the CNP. She made my issues her own and showed genuine concern for my treatment and healing. She also made it a priority to educate me so I understand why I’ve been feeling poorly and how to address these areas.

Lisa Chappell

Dr. McRae is one in a million. She works diligently to figure out exactly what your issues are and then how to make you better fast. She found many issues with my husband and I and then worked to provide us treatment options that have worked. Love the staff, they are all highly professional and very good at their jobs. I've never seen another office like this - its like the place I always wanted to find.

Teresa McQuate

I love Vitality! The staff is always friendly and their services are always top notch! Love the peels! Jordan Beard The staff is welcoming and friendly. The office is pleasant and inviting. Dr. McRae cares for her clients and works with them so they can live a happy healthy life. She was instrumental in discovering a chronic condition in our daughter that the pediatricians office dismissed. Many doctors since have praised her fast approach to seeking the appropriate and correct care for our daughter.

Jen Tackett

I could write a book on why I love this office but let me just say Ive spent 3yrs with horrible symptoms just trying to get a diagnosis from Cleveland Clinic and after just 3 visits to Dr McRae she has been more helpful and has above and beyond what Ive ever experienced to diagnosis and treat my condition. The staff is wonderful and treat you like a person, taking time to listen to you and understand what it is you need. Defiantly recommend them to everyone.

Corey Young

The providers and staff at Vitality Natural Wellness provide you with an affordable escape from the traditional medical model. They have helped me regain my health without being stuck on a zillion medications and having numerous surgeries.

Brianna Korbas

I highly recommend this office! The staff is super friendly and genuinely cares for every patient. They are knowledgeable. I felt that every question I had was answered in a professional manner and the staff really took the time to make me feel comfortable. What a gem of a place to have right here in downtown Mansfield!!

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