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Health Obsessed?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You become what you think about all day long.”

Based on that quote, what are you most likely to become? As of late, you may find yourself constantly thinking about the election, or the spread of the coronavirus. You may be worried about the economy or your children’s ever-changing school schedules.

After years of being unsure of the root cause of their concerns, many Vitality Natural Wellness patients find themselves deep in thought about their path to wellness. They finally have the answers they have so desperately wanted.

‘Now I know what’s going on and I can work to fix it!’

After years, sometimes decades, of questioning themselves and their bodies, many patients feel a sense of relief with the justification that they were right.

'Something was wrong!'

This sense of relief is quickly followed by a newfound passion to learn, grow, discover, and fix everything! A hunger for knowledge on the paleo diet, the gut-brain connection, adrenal fatigue, IV Nutritional Therapy, the list goes on and on. They read books, listen to podcasts, follow blogs, and join Facebook groups. Each step forward in their wellness journey is a cause for celebration. Each setback sends them deeper into research mode, looking for the thing they missed. No one will argue, this is a worthy pursuit.

The question is:

At what point does your pursuit of wellness turn into an unhealthy obsession?

Is there a line where it begins to hurt more than it helps?

While the line is different for everyone, it does appear that when all your thoughts and free time become completely devoted to your autoimmune disease or individual struggles and how to heal them, you’ve moved from the pursuit of wellness to the obsession of it. As a medical staff, we find ourselves walking this balancing act right along with you. We too are constantly at risk of diving too deep into research, obsessing over our diets, and forgetting to find moments for joy. This doesn’t mean we need to stop researching altogether. It just means we need to find our balance. So where do we find balance?

5 Ways to Bring Happiness and Balance Back Into Your Life Without Hindering Your Path To Wellness

  1. Put Down Wheat Belly and pick up some fiction. In the midst of reading for educational purposes, don’t forget to take time to read for pleasure. Grab something off the bestseller list or ask a friend for a recommendation. The only guideline here is to make sure it’s not about health.

  2. Take a Hike! No matter your preference for outdoor fun, make sure to make time for it! In the winter, it’s great to get out for a brisk morning walk. In spring, consider a bike ride. In the summer, nothing beats a dip in a cool pool; and autumn is perfect for hiking!

  3. Go Screen Free. It really doesn’t matter what you spend your time looking at when it comes to technology. The important thing is that you get a break from it! The content causes anxiety while the blue light wrecks your circadian rhythm. All the while, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Once a week, opt to take a day free of screens. We think you’ll notice a change in your body and mind!

  4. Do Something New. The wellness journey can begin to feel like a list of dos and don’ts. All these restrictions can leave your creative mind feeling quite limited. Break out of that rut by trying something new. Head to a new city or pick up a new hobby. Consider trying out a Float Spa or challenging your kids to a competition at Top Golf. The opportunities are endless when you begin to let your mind wander!

  5. Take up meditation. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are many youtube channels with beginner-level guided meditation options. Allowing the mind to get comfortable living in the present moment will have many benefits for your daily life.

Wellness is a verb.

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