Injectable Fillers

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Like art, it is not the paint that determines the quality of the painting, but the hands of the artist that paints it.
Vitality is staffed by a team of Allergan Masterclass Injectors and has been recognized in the Top 5% of Medspas Nationwide. 


There's a reason Botox has earned the title of #1 Cosmetic Treatment in the United States.

Botox is a non-surgical treatment that can soften lines that make you look angry, sad, or tired. Administered by simple, minimally invasive injections, Botox can leave you with a smoother, more relaxed, and youthful appearance. 


Soften wrinkles with Dysport.

Dysport is similar to Botox and is used to soften wrinkles, and frown lines; revealing a more youthful look.

Dysport's difference from Botox lies in the molecular size of the product. Talk to your expert injector about which is right for you. 

Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are very versatile and can be used to enhance lips and cheekbones or to minimize nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and much more. In the hands of a master injector, Hylaronic acid fillers provide natural-looking results by smoothing away facial wrinkles and enhancing your natural beauty.



The easiest way to melt stubborn fat. Most frequently used on the double chin, this treatment uses a substance called deoxycholic acid. This acid is found naturally in your stomach and is used to break down fats so they can be metabolized.

Say goodbye to bra fat, stubborn chin fat, and the last pocket of belly fat with Kybella.

 In your 20's you begin to lose 1% of collagen each year. 
As our collagen diminishes, our once soft, full, vibrant skin begins to lose volume and elasticity. 
Sculptra provides the framework and tells the body to rebuild from the inside out.
The results are yours.
Your own collagen rebuilds and restores a youthful glow from within.

smooth threads

Smooth Threads are the latest in non-invasive cosmetics! This rejuvenating treatment uses absorbable PDO threads to lift, soften and define while regenerating what was lost. 

Threads can be used to improve facial structure, giving patients the benefits of a face-lift without the need for an invasive procedure.


Platelet rich plasma

PRP is best known for its wonderful act of skin rejuvenation. When PRP is injected into particular parts of the skin, its high platelet concentration functions as a matrix that stimulates the growth of new collagen revitalizes skin tissue and hence leads to naturally smooth and firm skin. As a result, PRP treatment gets rid of wrinkles and creates a smoother skin feel and tone.


Spider or varicose veins are often caused by pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, or genetic predisposition. Sclerotherapy is a simple, proven cosmetic procedure involving small injections to collapse and fade those veins.

Feel confident showing a little leg with sclerotherapy.


Full facial restoration with Sculptra Aesthetics. 

The best part, her body will continue to restore volume!

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What's Included:


  • $8/unit Botox

  • $2.67/unit Dysport

  • (1) monthly infrared sauna session

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  • 10% off Sculptra

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