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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Signs Your Skin is Ready for a Routine Switch Up

Like all things in life, our skin is changing. As the largest organ of our body, it shows signs of what’s going on on the inside. It adapts and changes based on age and environmental factors. It also feels the full effect of seasonal changes. From high humidity to plummeting temperatures, our skin sees it all. With all this change, we need to remain adaptable in our skincare routine.

Signs your skin is ready for a switch up

You’re Breaking Out

Sometimes it feels like it happens overnight. Your perfectly flawless skin begins to change. Zit. Zit. Zit. They’re everywhere. While many things come into play when we begin talking about acne, a good first step is to look at your water intake, diet, and skincare.

Your Skin is Dry

Seasonal changes, treatment side-effects, and water consumption can affect the skin’s level of moisture. If you’re experiencing new or chronic dry skin, it may be time to consider switching up more than just your moisturizer. Consider a new cleanser, scrub, and toner.

If you’ve recently had a skincare treatment done, be sure to talk to your provider about anticipated reactions and which products are safe for you to use.

You’re Super Oily

On the other side of the spectrum. An oil slick can be a sign of overly aggressive exfoliants or cleansers. It really is a balancing act. Finding the right combination of products can be difficult on your own. Talk to a professional about your goals and frustrations. They can point you in the right direction and make sure you have complementary products.

You see something you want to improve

From improving skin texture and tone to reversing sun spots and acne scarring, there are great treatment options available when it comes to improving your skin. Discoloration is a common issue people want to address. If you’re beginning to see discoloration, no matter what size, it may be time to switch up your products or be more conscientious about some of your habits.

You’re Losing Consistency

Loss of consistency is typically an indication of boredom. When you’re excited about your skincare it’s easy to follow all the steps and make sure you’re completing your routine every night. On the other hand, when you’re not seeing results or are simply bored with the products, it’s easy to lose consistency. A switch-up may be exactly what you need.

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