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A change for the better

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

“Becoming a patient at Vitality changed my life. For the first time in years, I had control of my life again.“

Marianne Williamson

I’d been suffering from hot flashes for several years. It got to the point where it was debilitating; just functioning day to day was really difficult. I’d been put on two antidepressants not because I was depressed, but because my doctor thought they could help with my menopausal symptoms. However, they did almost nothing for my symptoms. Rather than try something else, the doctor prescribed a third antidepressant. I really didn’t want to be on a third prescription, especially when I didn’t even need the first two.

I decided to look into Hormone Replacement Therapy, but I was reluctant to start because one of my sisters had breast cancer and I worried about increasing my own risk.

My daughter encouraged my husband and I to become patients at Vitality. When I heard about their Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), it seemed like a safer and more natural method. During my first visit with Dr. McRae, she took so much time with me and I felt like got to know me. Even while she was taking notes, she made an effort to look at me and not her computer screen.

Dr. McRae prescribed estrogen and testosterone pellets, and progesterone to help my body absorb the hormones and reduce my risk for cancer. It took me a couple months to safely stop taking antidepressants, but the BHRT eliminated my hot flashes within a week. It was such a relief when my life started returning to normal. I was also really happy to be off of the medications I’d been taking for years.

I also took advantage of the nutrition counseling available at Vitality. I didn’t realize how poorly I was eating. My husband and I both started the Auto-Immune Protocol diet; we changed what we eat, the way we eat, and how much we eat. Improving our diet has helped increase our energy levels, reduced joint inflammation, and helped us get back to enjoying all the small things in life.

At age 55, I look better and feel healthier than I did at 50. I never thought I’d say that, especially at my age.

Becoming a patient at Vitality changed my life. I’d actually gotten rid of all my sweaters because I figured with my hot flashes, I’d never need them again. I’d accepted the fact that I’d be miserable for the foreseeable future. So when I started my treatments at Vitality, I didn’t just feel healthier physically, my whole outlook changed. For the first time in years, I had control of my life again.

I’d started to believe that most of the medical world is trained in pharmaceuticals; if there’s a symptom, there’s a medicine. So Dr. McRae’s holistic approach to wellness was really refreshing. As a middle school science teacher, I love learning about the body. I appreciate that Dr. McRae takes the time to teach you where your symptoms are originating and how the things she’s recommending will help. She even has a small library in her office and often loans patients books so they can learn more. I borrowed a few cookbooks from her when I first started changing my diet.

I’m sixth of seven kids, and I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. I learned to work hard and care for my family. When I was 36, I went back to college. I wanted to show my kids how important education was. It’s not in me to think of myself first. However, the staff at Vitality taught me that taking care of myself is important, not selfish. For Mother’s Day, my husband got me a Dermaplane appointment—it made my skin feel soft as a baby’s bottom! I’ve also used the sauna and massage chair, both of which were so relaxing.

I’m always encouraging my friends and family to go to Vitality. People are sometimes hesitant because the office doesn’t take insurance; however, because of this they’re actually able to keep prices lower than traditional practices. I’ve felt that Dr. McRae is very conscientious about the cost; she doesn’t want anyone to not be able to afford to feel better. And I also fully believe that it’s worth every penny.

When you walk into the Vitality office you feel like the most important patient, and I think everyone who visits them feels that way. You feel calm and comfortable, knowing that the staff is there to help you. When you walk out the door you leave confident that things are going to be better.

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