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LiVing Series

A series of rejuvenative treatments set apart by emerging sciences and the body's unique ability to heal.




LiVing Facial

Perfect for acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, and a youthful tone and appearance. Naturally fill areas that lose volume with age. The LiVing Facial is designed to support the body's ability to rebuild and repair. LiVing Facial come is a package of three treatments.  Each treatment consists of PRP, microneedling, and injections supplemented by a month's supply of collagen and peptides.

Package of 3 Months - $4000
VIP Member Pricing -  $3200




Dermal DiVine

Perfect for hyper-pigmentation, skin tone, brightening and overall skin texture. You'll be glowing with four separate treatments of Dermalinfusion's Lumixyl skin brightener. Enjoy internal and external radiance with the addition of oral CollaGEN, BPC-157, and ZO Daily Defense.

Package of 4 - $1700
VIP Member Pricing - $1360




Everything you need for three months of stimulated stem cell production, cell renewal, and weight loss. With InVigorate you will harness the power of fasting while eating delicious foods, supplementing with emerging peptides designed to help your body reach its goals, and high-quality supplements; all while feeling the complete support of Vitality's Nutrition Staff.

3 Months  - $2825
VIP Member Pricing - $2250


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