Thermi is the world leader in minimally invasive thermistor-regulated energy solutions for aesthetics, dermatology and women's health.

Vitality Natural Wellness offers the following Thermi procedures:

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ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. Using the same technology that’s used in ThermiSmooth, radiofrequency energy is sent to the desired area (internally or externally), heating the tissue and stimulating the body’s own collagen. ThermiVa is typically performed in three treatments over the course of three months. While the effects were initially designed to be aesthetic, patients are pleased to see a reduction in stress urinary incontinence (leaking when coughing or sneezing), vaginal laxity, increased moisture, and improved sexual responsiveness.

ThermiVa is performed without the need for anesthesia and with zero downtime.

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ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive procedure for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. A hand-held device delivers radiofrequency energy to the surface of the skin, which heats the cells and stimulates the body’s own collagen production. Treatments can be repeated several times to get the desired results.

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A non-invasive way to lift and smooth skin of the face, neck and chest without any pain or downtime. ThermiSmooth Face uses radio frequency to heat the skin and stimulate natural production of collagen. This helps strengthen and thicken the skin to improve its overall quality and appearance.

ThermiSmooth’s cutting-edge technology has built in temperature controls allowing your provider to precisely regulate the amount of energy delivered to your skin. The precision control allows each treatment to be customized to your skin and produces incredible results!

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