Smooth Threads


Smooth Threads are the latest in non-invasive cosmetics! This rejuvenating treatment uses absorbable PDO threads to lift, soften and define while regenerating what was lost. 

Threads can be used to improve facial structure, giving patients the benefits of a face-lift without the need for an invasive procedure.

The 3 Effects of PDO Threads

1. Lifting - instant results

2. Renewing - Threads induce collagen production and neovascularisation to improve skin texture, fine lines, and elasticity.

3. Tightening - by contracting fat tissue.


Main indications for face
Lifting of:
Forehead, Glabellar Lines, Eyebrows, Temple
Crow’s Feet, Tear Trough and Dark Circles, Cheek
Nasolabial Lines, Smoking Lines, Lip Border
Lip Volume, Marionette Lines, Jawline,
Chin, Neck, Double Chin

Main indications for body
Neck, Breast Lift, Bingo-wings, Elbow, Abdomen, Sagging Skin,
Buttocks, Thigh Lift, Knee

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