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We have had many people reach out to ask for recommendations on how to navigate their wellness in the midst of COVID-19. Vitality has always had a strong focus on optimal wellness and has encouraged therapies to keep your immune system functioning at its best. We continue to urge you to support your immune system by limiting the intake of processed foods, continuing to exercise, and supplementing with IV Nutritional Therapy.

By being a patient at Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa, you have already taken a step in the right direction. You know the value of optimal wellness, you are taking a preventative approach to your wellness, and you are doing the hard work to live optimally. Even so, there is an important role for you to play in this. By limiting unnecessary exposure to illness and protecting your immune system, you can help slow down the spread of this virus and limit the impact on our emergency medical systems.

While the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of cases are mild or asymptomatic, the risk of mortality from COVID-19 is higher for very specific groups, including those who are older, have a pre-existing condition, are immunocompromised, or smoke. If you or a loved one falls into this category, we have established a Critical Access Program to ensure you receive the care you need.

Updates for your wellness:

  • All visits will transition to TeleMed or Phone Visits

  • Patients on a quarterly treatment plan that typically requires an in-office service, we do have options available.

  • Technology allows for virtual check-out. All treatment plans can be emailed to you and payments can be made over your cell phone.

  • Access to medical quality supplements delivered to your home is available via fullscript. If you would like access to fullscript, please click here.

  • If you would like to schedule a TeleMedicine Visit to be screened for COVID-19, please call or text our office.

What should you do in the coming days?

Social isolation is the best thing you can do to limit the spread of COVID-19.

To current patients, we highly encourage you to keep your Telemed Appointment. Many of you are in the middle of a treatment plan and your wellness has come so far. It is best to stay on track. We have offered TeleMed services for many years to out-of-state patients and are now grateful to be able to offer it to you. It is our mission to continue walking with you in your wellness even in this changing time.

If you are a patient on a quarterly treatment plan that typically requires an in-office service, we do have options available. Please reach out with questions.

Most importantly, don’t forget to care for your emotional wellbeing. If the constant spread of news is overwhelming, it is ok to take a sabbatical from social media. Remember to move until your mind is clear. Consider using an app like Down Dog for at-home yoga practice. Finally, if you or a loved one feels overwhelmed, know that you don’t have to manage it alone. Please reach out. We will set you up with a Telemed Core Belief Therapy Visit. Core Belief Therapy is offered by our nurse practitioner, Aimee Talbott. She will help you ease your anxiety and release blocks of tension and fear.

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