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A life-changing appointment

“Becoming patients at Vitality was a turning point in our lives.”

-Lisa Chappell

I’m very passionate about wellness, so I’m always looking for new things to try with my family to be healthier. Around five years ago, my sister started going to Dr. McRae and could not say enough good things about her. My husband had a number of health issues at the time including struggling to maintain healthy testosterone levels, terrible sinus problems, and sleep apnea. So we took my sister’s advice and we both made appointments at Vitality.

When we first visited Dr. McRae’s office we felt like royalty. I was amazed by how much time she spent with us. I also appreciated that she keeps her laptop closed and looks you in the eye when she talks to you. As a lifelong health advocate, I was hungry for a doctor that would actually explain things to me. Dr. McRae takes the time to make sure we understand what’s causing our health issues, what we’re going to do to fix it, and exactly how the medicine or treatment works. She also always shares her notes with us at the end of the visit. When I walk out of her office, I feel confident that I have all the information I need. And if I do have more questions, all I have to do is email the office and I get a response within two days. That means so much to me.

Before we became patients at Vitality, my husband was on steroids and antibiotics almost every 3-4 months. His health got so bad that he spent a lot of his day sleeping and stopped being able to work full time. His job is a huge part of who he is, so that was really difficult for him. Before starting treatments, Dr. McRae ordered tests from various doctors to help understand exactly what was going on. We were shocked that no other doctor had thought to search for answers in the places she did. Once Dr. McRae felt she understood the root issues, she started him on Hormone Replacement Therapy and several supplements—the transformation of his health was astounding. His testosterone levels are stable, he hasn’t been on steroids or antibiotics since 2018, and he’s back to work full time.

In my experience, the changes in my health were more subtle, but still impactful. I initially thought I was doing fine, but when Dr. McRae started asking about my experiences, especially with going through menopause, I realized I’d just been putting up with a lot. It’s a wonderful thing to have someone ask you how you’re really doing and then help you get better.

It’s so hard to find a doctor that treats the whole body, from top to bottom. I’ve also never had a doctor that is so honest and open. If I ask Dr. McRae for advice on a specific issue or treatment that she doesn’t know much about, she’ll simply say, ‘Let me do some research and get back to you.’ And she does. To me that’s huge; it shows how dedicated she is to finding what works best for each individual, and how thorough she is with her patients.

Becoming patients at Vitality was a turning point in our lives. Previously we’d had to go to a lot of different specialists, but now we can rely on Dr. McRae for almost everything. Her knowledge of the body and dedication to wellness is incredible. She works with us to find treatments that work and ones that we can afford. Everything I learn from her I share with my sisters, my three sons and their families, my husband—everyone around us.

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