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5 Apps for Tracking Gut Health, Your Vitality Scoop!

Hunger comes in many forms. There is that primal need for life giving and tasty food echoed by an empty stomach’s grumble. Still, with the advent of the superstore and comfort food, one could argue this need has been properly addressed. Gone are the days of hunters and gatherers. Regrettably, there are no wild hunts for the McDouble as food is more accessible than ever. The newest hunger is one of convenience to meet your needs - whenever and whatever it might be. One way of doing that is through apps, forgive the play on words. I mean phone applications, but you could get an appetizer through DoorDash, or an Uber Eats. Sometimes we have new cravings other times it’s the time crunch.


The insatiable growl of an unattended stomach amidst a traffic jam after a long day’s work can mean the difference between eating out or cooking in. Between good and... bad takeout.

What do you do when your food returns with a vengeance? The bathroom ballad is not one anyone likes to perform especially when the fun part -the meal- is over with. If you’re lucky it’s a one-off event. If you aren’t and it’s become routine like the 60-70 million Americans who regularly experience gastrointestinal issues, thankfully there’s an app for that too. Thousands of developers publish apps everyday and it seems an altruistic few have lived the takeout nightmare. Of the 5 million apps offered by Google and Apple app store we’ve found the top 5 phone apps that help track gut health.

Our 5 recommendations

  • Cara: Food, Mood, and Poop Tracker

  • MyHealthyGut

  • GI Buddy

  • Bowelle

  • Healthie App

All these apps are aimed at addressing gut issues. Some vary in terms of what conditions they address or contain different features that highlight a specialized approach. Some allow for active tracking to generate monthly reports, create reminders, and automatically share data with a health provider as opposed to. Compared to passive features that may require more effort from the individual to communicate or make sense of their gut health. Let’s jump into some noteworthy apps and additional features each app has to offer.

Cara: Food, Mood, and Poop Tracker-

Cara is aimed at the general user and provides in-depth tracking. Its dashboard allows you to organize and view the most important information at a glance. It provides 4 trackers for food, poop, symptoms, and medical information. The food tracker is fairly adaptable with a database that is updated regularly with new or revised diets. The poop tracker allows users to log different types of bowel movements. You can list specific symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain, and other IBS symptoms. You can also track important medical information about skin, workouts, sleep, pain, and medication.

Key Features:

  1. Food suggestions for your best and worst days

  2. Share data with PCP or gastroenterologist

  3. Access a library of actionable, evidence-based tips for living

Price: $19.99/month after a free two week subscription

Bowelle- “The IBS Tracker”

Bowelle is marketed as the most intuitive and aesthetically pleasing app. It’s colorful interface evokes images of an art gallery or feelings of serendipity. It has many of the same tracking features as Cara. It differentiates itself by providing very detailed reports with simple and powerful graphics.

Key Features:

  1. Charts and other visual representations of your health

  2. History- You can view your health over many different time periods.

  3. Daily Averages- Can be accessed easily in the side menu. Configure data to certain time periods or look at all existing data.

  4. Can connect to Apple Health app

Price: $12.99/month


Is specifically made for those who are living gluten-free. According to the site, “MyHealthyGut harnesses the power of digital technology to provide celiacs, those struggling with gluten intolerance, and those wanting to live gluten-free with easy-to-access tools to manage and improve their digestive health.” It is also supported by reputable academic research and health professional institutions like University of Calgary, Mitacs, and the Canadian Celiacs Association.

Key Features:

  1. Q&A bot

  2. Report creation

  3. Daily tips & exclusive content

  4. Daily journal tracking

  5. Therapeutic meal plans from nutritionist

Cost: $4/month and $4 event monthly subscription, notably price increases with purchase of additional services.

  • GI Buddy-

GI Buddy tracks the user’s general wellness and how it relates to their GI issue. It’s not as flexible or pretty as the last two but it’s a good starting point for those who are looking for a free app with some practical application.

Key Features:

  1. Can create reports for healthcare providers

  2. Self-monitoring

  3. Records Medical Information

Price: Free

Healthie App-

Disclaimer! This is our favorite because it is intuitive, and adaptable. Its interface is easy to navigate, attractive, and gives users a lot of flexibility to track their health goals, news, and share medical information with their providers. While it’s not specifically focused on gut health it understands that gut health is reflective of an individual's general well-being and provides the tools to address specific gut issues. Their website couldn’t say it any better “At Healthie, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health, and understand that calorie-counting and fad diets just don't work. We believe in mindful, sustainable approaches to health, and connect users with experts in nutrition to enable positive outcomes. Get Healthie, Be Healthie.”


  1. Health tracking features: goal-setting, programmed reminders, and much more.

  2. Journals for sleep, physical activity, and bowel movements.

  3. Partner with a nutrition professional or healthcare provider who can review your uploads and provide advice along the way.

  4. Chat, scheduling, and video call functions

  5. Bonus: A library to upload health relevant information like recipe sheets and even a selfie feature!

Price: Free

Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa is excited to use the Healthie App because it puts our providers one click away from our patients. It allows our patients to put themselves in the driver’s seat of their health journey by creating measurable goals and access to instant feedback. Your gut health is important to our providers. By utilizing the Get Healthie app, we’re able to be just a click away from patients as they navigate their wellness through our LiVing Vitality Fast Track Program.

Want to learn more about improving your gut health? Gain access to Dr. McRae’s 5 Part Webinar Series all on gut health. Simply complete the form below.

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