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ThermiSmooth Face is a radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment that’s intended to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It’s usually performed on the cheeks, around the mouth, and on the neck, but it can also treat the forehead and around the eyes.
ThermiVa is a radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment that’s commonly used to rejuvenate and recondition vaginal and vulvar skin by increasing collagen and elastin concentrations to minimize skin sag.

When can I expect results?

You'll begin to see results immediately. Skin texture and tone will continue to improve in the weeks after your final treatment.

Is reddness normal?

Yes, slight reddness and swelling can be normal. For ThermiVa, you may experience light spotting following your treatment.

Are there any limitations to activity after treatment?

No, infact, you may have sex the same day as a ThermiVa treatment.

Should I change my skincare routine?

You'll want to avoid Retinols and AHA/BHAs for at least 3 days after treatment.

How much water should I drink?

They day before a Thermi Treatment, we recommend you drink two more glasses of water than the daily recommended amount. On the day of your treatment, be sure to stay hydrated. Consider taking oral collaGen daily. This will boost your body's ability to create collagen.

The Basics

Drink plenty of water. Minor redness should resolve within 24 hours. Supplement with oral collaGen. Avoid exfoliating agents for 24 hours. Avoid heat, tanning, saunas, hot tubs, and exercise for 24 hours.


ThermiEye uses the power of radiofrequency technology to lift, tighten, and produce collagen. The patient to the right received 4 treatments, one week apart, and supplemented with a month's supply of oral collaGen.

Smooth away lines, lift and tighten with a youthful glow.


ThermiSmooth Treatment Areas

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