Dear Patient, 

Effective September 1, 2021, we are requesting that all patients of Vitality Natural Wellness be established with a Primary Care Doctor of record. The physicians who perform primary care duties include Family Physicians, Internal Medicine Physicians, Geriatricians, and Pediatricians.

We at Vitality serve patients with a functional medicine approach. There are additional components of patient care that do not fall within our scope. Examples of these services include routine physicals, screening exams with lab work and diagnostic testing, insurance-covered screenings, urgent medical need coverage, and referral care.

The system flow and structure of a specialized functional medicine practice does not support the efficient management of the services that a traditional Primary Care office performs routinely. We do not have access to the traditional coding resources, diagnostic testing codes and procedures. Because of this, actions like ordering and scheduling tests and securing insurance approval are cumbersome, which can create obstacles to patient care. 

Our goal is to make sure that our patients are receiving holistic and comprehensive care. Working together, we can ensure that ALL of your medical needs are being met. If you do not have a primary care provider that is available for acute care needs, physicals, post-hospital follow up, diagnostic testing through insurance, and routine medication prescription, we suggest the following names: 

Dr. Matthew Hintz

116 E Main St. 

Cardington, OH 43315

(419) 864-4440

Sandy Kovacs CNP, FNP-BC

116 E Main St

Cardington, OH 43315

(419) 864-4440

Dr. Marion Demers

24 Morris Rd Ste 1

Shelby, OH 44875

(419) 347-2828

Tornik Family Practice

209 N Chillicothe St

Plain City, OH 43064

(614) 873 6700

We want to ensure the best care possible for our patients. As we focus on a root-cause approach to wellness, we can best serve you by making sure routine care is also being provided through a primary care office.

In Medicine,

Dr. Melissa McRae

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