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Preparing For Baby: Mind, Body, and Spirit


Core Belief Alignment helps honor the spiritual nature of growing a family, provides a network of support for the new mother, and prepares the baby energetically for a new environment.

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Benefits to Mother and Baby​​

Benefits to Mother- Centering to clear away fears and anxieties about the birthing process and mothering, balance care for baby with self-care, and clear away generational blocks to help support the role of parenting.


Benefits to Baby- Help support a peaceful environment to thrive and grow.  Clear generational blocks.

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Preparing for Baby: Mind, Body, Spirit

1-hour televisit sessions with Aimee Talbott, FNP. These sessions can be scheduled at the frequency you wish or your provider recommends. 


Core Belief Therapy is an innovative approach that will be very fluid and specific based on a patient’s individual needs and goals.

It will not be the same experience for every patient.

Pregnancy & Birth - Preparing for birth and coping with the changes your body and mind experiences through pregnancy. Perfect for any trimester. Ideal for new and experienced mothers who are striving to maintain balance, those who have experienced birth trauma, or anyone working to connect with their baby and inner self in preparation for birth. 

IVF & Fertility Care -  Preparing for IVF or in the midst of a transfer, Core Belief Therapy can help you discover unknown blocks, release anxiety, and prepare your body to accept and nurture your baby.

Pregnancy Loss - Providing personalized care in the midst of tragedy. Core Belief Therapy can help you recover from loss and release pain without discounting the life you loved and carried.

Preconception - Addressing the root of anxiety, providing centering and emotional balance, and clearing any emotional blocks.

Bringing Home Baby / Postpartum - This time is a whirlwind of emotions, recovery, and expectations. Core Belief Therapy for Postpartum care addresses concerns in your new parenting role, your emotional needs, and bonding with your baby.  

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