10 Habits for a Healthy 2018!

Start these 10 healthy eating habits for an awesome 2018!

Statistically, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by February 1st. After a particularly rough 2017, many people have resolved to make 2018 the best year yet. This is a pretty lofty resolution and likely to be left in the dust of a busy life. Instead, why not resolve to make small changes that will lead to a great year? Let’s start with eating. We’ve compiled 10 easy healthy eating resolutions that can have a BIG impact on your year!


  1. Stop eating prepackaged products

We’ve all heard it before, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. This of course doesn’t mean you have to forego salad dressing or nut butter. Why not make your own vinaigrette or try pickling beets! Check out this great homemade salad dressing!


  1.  Fill your spice drawer with flavor

We all love a good kick of flavor! You’ll want lots of healthy grains and delicious spices that will help you create delicious fresh meals. Don’t forget garlic, lemons and fresh cracked pepper!


  1. Aim to Eat locally!

Vegetables grown more than 100 miles from where you live were picked WAY before they were ripe! Their nutritional value is diminished or never reaches its full potential by the time it hits the grocery store.


  1. Use your kitchen gadgets!

If you’re still making everything on the stovetop, you’re missing out on a great healthy eating hack (and therefore missing out on a nearly-no-brainer way to make healthy meals). Pick up a rice cooker, slow cooker or Instant Pot and completely revolutionize the way you cook and eat this year. The model you choose depends on how you eat; slow cookers are the least precise of the bunch, but high-end rice cookers have functions for every grain you can imagine wanting to cook and they’ll cook it precisely while you’re playing, sleeping, working, or working out!


  1. Eat the rainbow

Having great ingredients on hand is key to making and eating healthy, delicious meals but paring the foods together to make them nutritious and balanced is also vital. Aim to get four different colors in your bowl each meal. It’s much easier than you may at first think. Make it fun! By adding colorful foods to each plate, you’ll add interesting flavors and appealing textures – and each of those ingredients brings a whole lot of nutrition to your meal. Crisp purple cabbage, bright green avocado, bold red tomatoes and crunchy black sesame seeds are all great examples of ingredients that will lift your boring salad to a delightfully delicious meal. Add your homemade dressing and you’re set!

  1. Bring your lunch

Get a fun lunch box and set a goal to pack at least 3 times a week! It’s the easiest way to make healthy decisions at work! Not only will you have a healthy, delicious meal, you’ll also save money! By using your slow cooker and eating the rainbow, lunch packing will be a snap! By bringing your own meal, prepared in your own kitchen, you’re doing something good for your body and your wallet.


  1. Meal plan for the week

This is something our Marketing Director swears by. She’s even been heard saying “I don’t know if I’ve ever had fresh food. I would die if it wasn’t for left overs!” Of course, she has had fresh food. Although with the way she packs her lunch every day, we can’t prove it! Take a note from her and make a vow to fall in love with leftovers! Set aside time on Sunday and batch cook for the week ahead! There are tons of recipes online. This takes the risk of ravenously grabbing unhealthy food out of the equation!


  1. Plan ahead for breakfast

When life get’s crazy, breakfast is the easiest meal to miss. Even though we all know it’s also the most important meal of the day, sometimes it’s easier to go without. Eating a balanced breakfast helps keep your metabolism running and is vital to loading up your system with healthy nutrients you’ll use throughout the day to work, play or exercise. Without those healthy nutrients, your body and brain get sluggish and you lose motivation and focus. Try our Office Manager’s favorite – overnight oats! It’s quick and the perfect thing to take with you as you rush out the door in the morning.


  1. Try salad for dinner

Life happens to all of us. Have premixed salad on hand for nights that your batch meals have run out, you’re busy from work and haven’t thought about dinner until you’re angrily searching the cupboards. Grab a bunch of kale or a mixed salad and your homemade salad dressing and pat yourself on the back for planning ahead.


  1. Swap your sweeteners

We know you’re unlikely to go an entire year without craving sweets. So, plan to have healthy treats on hand. Swap out refined sugars for healthier options. Think about the source of the sugar and consider using honey or maple syrup instead. When you’re reaching for dessert, have fresh fruit and a square of dark chocolate instead of a chocolate chip cookie or other super processed baked goods.


And if you’re considering the need for more permanent weight loss, look into the Clean Start Weight Loss Program at Vitality! It’s the only program backed by Lloyd’s of London. Over 70,000 patients have been through this proven program and have lost an average of ½-1lb per day and kept it off! Contact Vitality at 614.717.1767 and set up your free consultation today! When you start your clean start in January, you’ll save 33%!

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